Are You an Artist?

Then you’re in the right place!

Marketing Tools for Artists is dedicated to provide the resources, tools, courses, and information to help artists sell more of their work.

We’re glad you’re here – let’s see if we can help you sell some art!

Are you an artist?

Have you ever thought about being an artist?

Are you an artist who’d like to sell more of your art?

My name is Owen Garratt, and. I’ve been a full time artist for almost 20 years and other artists are constantly asking me:

  • “How do I get started selling my art?"
  • "How can I sell more art?"
  • "I can’t get into any galleries!"
  • "I don’t have any connections!"
  • "People around here don’t appreciate art!"
  • "I have a website but no one’s buying!"
  • "How do you DO it?”

Yeah, it’s no secret that there’s a frustrating lack of down-to-earth, practical, and proven methods of selling art. Lots of snake oil, rumours, bad advice, and fast-talk, but not much useful stuff.

Fortunately, almost everything being taught about selling art or being an artist for a living is either outdated or just plain wrong!

That’s where Marketing Tools for Artists comes in…

We’re an online resource dedicated to helping artists like you sell more of your artwork.

We’re constantly coming out with new articles and courses to give artists every boost to elevate their game, and we don’t dispense a bunch of woolly-headed academic theory; we deal in pragmatic, nitty-gritty, tested and proven methods, systems, strategies, and philosophies that work – and provide real world examples and proof.

But there’s no magic in being a successful artist; and marketing your art doesn’t mean blowing your own horn or slapping backs.

It’s about communicating a clear message about who you are and what you’re about.

It’s about systems and techniques that deliver that communication effectively and respectfully to people who will resonate with it.

Just as there are different types of art, there are different groups of clients attracted to that art.

At Marketing Tools for Artists we show you how to find, attract and satisfy those clients, and develop long-term relationships with them.

And to be frank, there’s NOWHERE that delivers this level of experience and expertise geared specifically for artists.

It IS possible…

To have a thriving artistic career where clients seek YOU out, so you can focus on your art, and you can live and create on YOUR terms…but it requires a totally different approach than the myths we’ve been fed for years;  the hitch is that a lot of it is extremely counter-intuitive and the biggest part is avoiding some very common mistakes.

If you implement more knowledgeable about real-world marketing than other artists,

  • you’ll sell more art
  • get more fans
  • get more recognition
  • and get more clients – and at a higher profit!

But most artists are living Thoreau’s “lives of quiet desperation”, resigned to a life of unrewarded creativity, who never seem to get any traction, and think they’re doomed to keep their light hidden under a bushel.

Well, no, you’re not!

You can rise from obscurity to prominence; you don’t have to miss out on your calling – whatever your dreams are!

So check out Marketing Tools for Artists, and don’t forget to like us everywhere, and if you’re looking for a great place to begin your artistic journey, I’d like to recommend the Fast Start Art Marketing Primer: a great guide to getting your ducks in a row, and also a booster shot to your existing career.

We can’t wait to hear about your success!