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It's rarely a lack of ambition that derails us;

It's a lack of direction...

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Knowing What to Do is One Thing,

Knowing How is Another...

Guess who reaches their goals without advice, guidance, encouragement, facts, and being called on their crappola?

No one.

Why struggle through the School of Hard Knocks - which is the most expensive and slowest way to learn - when you can have a guiding hand?

You can learn almost everything by yourself, but why would you?

If someone handed you a guitar and said "learn to play this well enough to play professionally" and left you to your own devices, virtually no-one would, or could, do it.

They'd give up, and quickly.


But the right teacher, or the right knowledge can bring out the best in the student.

To show the straightest route to their goals, to stay focused and on track, to answer questions, to keep them out of time-wasting rabbitholes, and to pick them up when they stumble.

To do otherwise - especially given a choice -  is folly!

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